🟩Artist Collective

SigilCrafters Wanted

Currently seeking artists and builders who are interested in using the Sigil Protocol.

The Sigil Protocol itself is a work in progress and open to contributions of ideas, feedback, revisions, extensions (HyperSigils) and tooling/infrastructure. It is encouraged for artists themselves to participate in designing the Sigil Protocol's collection and economic models.

Follow and DM the X account: sigil_protocol


Below is the current plan for the initial Sigil collections. The first is a demonstration in the form of a Sigil Protocol documentation markdown "book". Then the first art collection as a multi-artist collaborative project. The third collection is part of a project that inspired the creation of the Sigil RTC collection/claim model ($DPG DNA Collection).

  1. SIGIL·????????? - $????

    • The first demo collection using the content of the Sigil Protocol documentation website (this) as an inscribed markdown file or mini-website.

    • Updated versions would be reinscribed and considered claimable pieces in the collection.

  2. ?????????·????????? - $????

    • The first art collection to demonstrate the protocol.

    • Ideally a collaborative multi-artist project.

    • Suggested to be thematically tuned artwork (Sigil, Runes, Etchings, Runestones, Inscriptions, Artifacts, Enchantments, Incantations, Charms, Cursed, Magick, Astrology, time etc).

    • An evolving digital grimoire book of interesting sigil art.


    • DNA Art Collection (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy / Douglas Noel Adams Tribute)

    • Originally an airdrop to those who minted $DPG but now will be a claim model using Sigil Protocol RTC model.

    • Art inscriptions are reinscriptions of the $DPG Runescription.

    • Any amount of $DPG balance is valid.

    • Must be minted rune transactions

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