Advanced Sigil Protocol Features and Extensions

Sigil has experimental advanced features and the ability to be extended by Sigil maintainers and contributors. This functionality is classified as HyperSigil. Each HyperSigil will likely be assigned a Sigil Signal in the form of an nSequence flag and/or runic unicocde character or emoji. Below are the types of HyperSigil features that are available now or proposed.



HyperSigil SWAP is a p2p asset exchange component of the Sigil protocol built on Bitcoin Ordinals utilizing delegate reinscriptions to facilitate swaps of any inscription-based asset in a simple and clear way. While the model does stray from the notion of an ordinal satoshi being sent/received as part of a trade in favor of reinscription state changes (which involves actual asset ownership change), this is only a different interpretation of the role of an ordinal satoshi which does not change ownership itself. Instead, the chain of reinscriptions determines what the current valid asset is on that ordinal satoshi.

Asset Swaps

Cenotaph Artifacts - HYPERSIGIL:CA


Leverages Rune Cenotaphs to conjure unique artifacts such as relics, talisman, charms, amulets, curios, tokens etc from the unusable value of a Cenotaph Rune. These artifacts are imbued with value and become transferrable custom inscriptions that can include visual image, names and descriptions.

Cenotaph Artifacts

Servitor Entities - HYPERSIGIL:SE


There can be special tasks that Sigil network participants can do for the overall health of the network. These tasks could be related to trust minimization via assertion of valid Sigil transactions. A Servitor is the onchain representation of activity and reputation in the form of a parent ID inscription with children inscriptions beneath containing the task transactions types.

Servitor Entities

Digital Matter Theory - HYPERSIGIL:DMT


Sigil supports the creation of NATs and UNATs and adheres to the DMT Elements Registry.

Sigil also introduces new expanded DMT extensions to support additional types of patterns and formulas. Runes is leveraged as a wrapper for NATs and UNATs and Ordinals Inscriptions are used for additional metadata, code and media assets as needed.

Read the DMT HyperSigil documentation for more info.

Digital Matter Theory

Colored Coins - HYPERSIGIL:CC


Sigil supports colored coins which is the tokenization of bitcoin's atomic units called satoshis or sats for short. This model treats each satoshi as an individual whole token. So, tokens are backed by sats with a 1:1 ratio. This HyperSigil feature involves more advanced setup and transaction construction. It is possible to send both colored coins and rune tokens (representing the atomic units of the colored coin) in a single transaction.

Read the Colored Coin HyperSigil documentation for more info.

Colored Coins

Rune Token Ordinals - HYPERSIGIL:RTO


The token ordinals model applies the principles of Ordinal Theory to Rune tokens. This can enable interesting use cases such as atomic unit trackability and classifications similar to how satoshis have satributes and "rarities".

Read the Rune Token Ordinals documentation for more info.

Rune Token Ordinals

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