Cenotaph Artifacts

Concept: Leverages Rune Cenotaphs to conjure unique artifacts such as relics, talisman, charms, amulets, curios, tokens etc from the unusable value of a Cenotaph Rune. These artifacts are imbued with value and become transferrable custom inscriptions that can include visual image, names and descriptions.

Metaprotocol Field Value


Metadata Field Example

  "protocol": "SIGIL",
  "hypersigil": "Cenotaph Artifacts",
  "rune": "CENOTAPHΒ·RUNE",
  "amount": "1000",
  "artifact_type": "relic",
  "name": "Ancient Amulet",
  "description": "A mystical amulet...",
  "image": "<inscription_id>" // Reference to an image or rely on delegate inscription pointer

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