Digital Matter Theory

DMT is a protocol-agnostic framework and currently is supported by the Trac project via the TAP Protocol. Integrating DMT into Sigil will be explored here.

Metaprotocol Field Value


The Tap Protocol implementation of DMT is still evolving and is opinionated. DMT framework itself is an opinionated version of the theory. Whether or not to stray from this existing evolving standard is a question to answer. Perhaps their can be more efficient methods to implement within Sigil for adding DMT to Runes.

One area of improvement is the Elements Registry which could be designed to work without element names for example. Another is perhaps less use of JSON in the envelope payload rather than using the metadata or metaprotocol fields. And of course adding additional block data sources such as Bitcoin addresses found in transactions where patterns can be matched.

A proposed spec for DMT will be worked on soon and feedback will be solicited.

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