Servitor Entities

Create an entity that serves as an ID within the Sigil Network where tasks are settled and entites are ranked for reputation

There can be special tasks that Sigil network participants can do for the overall health of the network. These tasks could be related to trust minimization via assertion of valid Sigil transactions. A Servitor is the onchain representation of activity and reputation in the form of a parent ID inscription with children inscriptions beneath containing the task transactions types.

In theory, Servitors could be rewarded $SIGIL and other Runes and possiby various other types of Bitcoin assets.

A Servitor itself can be tokenized as a Rune. This allows for the most reputable Servitors to have a healthy tandem token economy for speculators.

This idea needs a thorough design discussion and is only presented here as a conversation starter.

Metaprotocol Field Value


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