Bitcoin Block Data

Inherent Raw Data Fields and Derived or Indexer-Generated Fields

Inherent Block Data (prefix "IB")

Derived Block Data (prefix "DB")

Inherent Transaction Data (prefix "IT")

Derived Transaction Data (prefix "DT")

Bitcoin Addresses

An ID to reference bitcoin addresses within specific block height transactions is also supported. Bitcoin addresses themselves are not stored onchain but are derived from transaction data (scriptPubKey). Patterns can still be defined and use addresses as the block data target. This is aligned with current support for other derived block data in addition to inherent raw block data.

This ID combines the ID for block height (DB2) followed by ADDR and this is followed by a height number, a transaction index number and optionally a transaction output index number. These are all separated by colons.


Patterns can target specific transactions and one level deeper to specific outputs in those transactions. If not output index is included, the pattern search uses all addresses in the transaction to find matches.

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